image.jpegSolo one is a self-taught artist who has been painting Graffiti inspired images since 1986. One of the most prolific artists in recent times, he has painted throughout the years on surfaces all over the UK and worldwide. His work has been exhibited in Azerbajan, Cape Town, New York and Tokyo. In 1996 he organised the longest ever graffiti wall on Western Boulevard, Leicester, for an event called ‘Return of the Macks’. In 1998 a move to South Africa saw him take part in the ‘African Battle Cry,’ a well-known Hip Hop Festival held yearly in Cape Town. Solo One’s love is the culture of writing (the term used amongst true Graffiti artists between themselves). His current work, is inspired by freestyle, fluid thought, and movement. His ‘street art’ is centered around the Graffiti Pen in Stockwell Park Estate where he works closely with the local community to bring life and colour to the disused basketball court. His endeavours in Stockwell were featured in an advertising campaign by the Wall St. Journal in August 2012. He works continuously and with great passion with community projects which are aimed at inspiring young people.

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