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Subtly straddling the boundaries between art, illustration, design, street art and graffiti, Philth is uncategorisable. His work is haunting, yet strangely endearing; his characters are tempered with an intriguing mix of symbolism and alchemy, bringing in elements of science, science fiction, Art Nouveau, Victoriana and the occult. He sees art, graffiti, and design as one and seeks to bridge gaps between art forms and break barriers while attempting to learn from and bring forth ideas and aesthetics from our rich collective history of representative art and symbolism in the context of relevant modern movements, such as graffiti. 

Part of Neveready crew he developed his painting techniques and style by working closely with fellow artist N4t4 over the years. 

Neveready walls usually contain female portraits or characters and beauty in nature is what is being represented, that and an appreciation of the divine feminine. 

Phill seeks to add value to the environment through his work rather than to devalue or destroy, and to claim back space in public places from degradation and advertising and To add meaning to the mundane. 

Born and raised in the West Midlands in the UK

Currently residing in the Oxfordshire countryside