Leigh “Mono” Drummond [ aka Mista Breakfast ] is a Leicester based artist of international acclaim.
His work emerges from a backgrogund in Hip Hop culture and is steeped in history and formal art knowledge.

Known for his crisp characters, portraits, full background productions, and warped and intricate letter forms, Mono is a diverse graffiti artist and mural painter capable of the unexpected.
Inspired by the past and the future, Mono’s murals are a conceptual meeting of history and science-fiction. Exploring the contrast of hindsight versus existential philosophy.,
Mono creates balance through juxtaposition with a reflective understanding of the modern existence.

Mono works across many different mediums from large scale murals to intricate comic covers, graphic novels and animation.
Mono has collaborated with many artists and organistaions including Channel 4, Kate Tempest and Leicester City Football club.