The Original Return Of The Macks Event came about as a result of a Youth project working with young people on the St.Andrews estate. I had pitched to Sue Sanford at Leicester City Challenge the idea of having essentially the Uk’s longest piece of graffiti.

With support from Andy Hitchcock of Central Youth project we turned that idea into a reality and on 25th may – 27th 1996 writers decended on Leicester to work over two days creating pieces.
In 1996 the culture was different, there was no Internet and most information was word of mouth, photos and magazines so organising this consisted of writing letters and waiting for my nokia to ring.
The name of the event was a celebration of Mark Morrisons success with the song of the same name.The Event itself was to showcase some of the best Graf talent this country had to offer and was Commercial free in the sense that we had no real sponsors , just us and our creativity over the two days.
This year I would like those who supported the event in 1996 and newer writers to come and take part and really create something special for the City of Leicester.
In 1996 the Event was pitched as a battle of styles but in 2017 the focus will be on celebrating a Culture that has given many of us so much and has taken our Art wide and far.

Return Of The Macks, A Documentary… from Kevin Gorman on Vimeo.