Born in Mannheim/germany in 1981, Hombre was the cliche of an 80s child. Video games, comicbooks and way to many cartoon shows shaped his childhood. Following his passion for painting and drawing, pablo found a new home for his creativity in graffiti during the mid 90s. Dominated by his childhood heroes, he started to get into can techniques and culture. Money, time and energy were invested into a lifetime passion, bulding the base of his today’s life and work. Studying graphic united the power of digital tools and classic graffiti flava. a hybrid of wall and mouse, and the characteristic style of reduced shapes,
hard-knit and classic light/shadow situation were created. Today hombre is a self employed illustrator, worked for clients like disney, reebok, casio, coke, eastpak, daimler chrysler, O2 and many more but also the artistic demand for free work is growing. Hombres work were shown in Shanghai, Pamplona, Jerusalem, Moscow , Berlin, …
Never grew out of the hiphop culture, never forgot the heroes of his childhood, but always adding inspirations and motivation sources, pablo hopes to see his zenith far ahead.
Over 20 years of graffiti in his back, is building human beings, expanding the view of the world, and have shaped the person AND style.